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Dear Parents,

I am so very pleased with the way that our children are settling back into school life in this autumn term. Our Year 6 children have already shown their maturity in the recent selections for Head Boy and Head Girl, House Captains, School Councillors, Eco Councillors and now our Y56 Play Leaders. The Year 6 also have responsibilities around school in order to help with the smooth running of our school such as lunchtime hall monitors, assembly monitors etc. I would like to thank them for their sterling work. We have also welcomed some brilliant new staff this year with Miss Brassington joining us as our Deputy Headteacher; Miss Brown teaching Year 1 and we are thrilled that Mrs Lovatt has returned to us after a work break.
Thank you to everyone who attended our ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions which were held last week. As always you can talk to any of our teachers at the end of the school day and if a teacher is unavailable then you are welcome to make an appointment to see them at a convenient time. I am very proud of our younger children in Nursery and Reception who are new to our school. They have tried really hard to be brave and are settling in well. Our staff are also working incredibly hard; planning and teaching exciting and engaging lessons in which the children seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. As always, expectations are high and I am sure you as parents would not want it any other way! I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming events in school so please do stop and have a chat! We will as always be hosting coffee sessions for Macmillan on 28th September-more details will follow nearer the time. We will be holding a cake baking competition for the children and asking for entries to be brought in to school on Thursday 27th September
If you have any positive comments to make about St Chad’s, then we always welcome e mails into our school office; these do help us to know we’re doing things well. If you do have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or any other adult in school. We hope parents feel that they can share any concerns with us in a polite and respectful manner. We ALL want the best for your children!

Miss Clarke

14th September 2018

  We are very proud, following a very successful year. In March 2018 we achieved a very GOOD Ofsted report and in July 2014 we were graded OUTSTANDING in our church (SIAMS) inspection.

Meet Our Staff

Vision, Values and Aims


Our school is a place where children are happy and healthy, and live by strong Christian values.
They have a sense of right and wrong and show respect for themselves and others.

This is a place where individuality and difference is celebrated.

Work ethic is strong and everyone is self motivated to do their best. All are inspired to learn new skills which will enhance their life now and in the future.
Children are curious and reflective learners and have the skills and attributes necessary to enable them to participate fully and positively in the 21st Century.


As a result of the work of the whole school community, our school now has 7 values which we believe
will help us define who we are as members of a Christian school.
Our chosen values are:-


We hope that you will support us in working towards these values at school and also embrace
these values at home and make them a core part of your family life.


Our aim is to make St. Chad’s a fun and exciting school

What this means:

Our lessons will be interesting and enjoyable
We are a creative school
We support our learning through other activities which include after school clubs, visits and visitors.

Our aim is to make St. Chad’s a caring school where we feel safe

What this means:

We help and care for each other as part of God’s family
We will not accept bullying and everyone should feel valued.
We will listen to each other and everyone will have someone they can talk to
We will be helped to make right choices in life and stay safe.

Our aim is to do well at everything we do and make a success of our lives

What this means:

We will always be challenged to do our best
We will help everybody to succeed
We will make a difference to our world

Our aim is to be a healthy and active school

What this means:

We will have lots of opportunities to take part in sport
We will know how to be a good fair sportsman or woman.
We will know and learn how to stay healthy

Our aim as a Church school is to learn more about faith

What this means:

We will learn that faith is important for many people
We will be helped to grow in our faith
We will treat all people as special in God’s eyes

Our aim is to have good relationships with our community

What this means:

We will work in partnership with parents
We will support and involve our community and the wider world

Pupil Voice is extremely important to us here at St. Chad's Primary. We are comitted to ensuring our children have a voice in the running and improvement planning of the school.  Each year we select our Head Girl and Head Boy and House Captains following a problem solving and challenge day.  Our Play Leaders are selected by application and trained in helping children at play times.  Our School Council is vital in providing a vehicle for pupil voice.  Finally,  our Eco Team are superb at ensuring we are eco friendly, meeting regularly during the school day.


As a Church of England School we have close links with St Chad's Church in Redstreet and Holy Trinity Church in Chesterton. There is a strong emphasis on the Christian faith and living with Christian principles. A daily act of worship takes place for the children in school which is of a Christian nature.

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