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Dear Parents,

At the Parent Forum meeting this week we were going to look at the new Relationships, Sex & Health Education curriculum, which although statutory from September 2020, its implementation has been given some flexibility in light of current circumstances. We would still like to consult with parents on the types of vocabulary we will be using in some of these lessons particularly with regard to naming body parts. We would still like to consult with parents on their views about which words are appropriate for our children and this will happen in the Spring term. The other agenda item for our meeting was the development of a Parent/ Visitor Code of Conduct. We will still go ahead with this and this will be led by our Parent Governors and discussed at our future parent Forum meeting.

I would like to say thankyou to our Year 1&2 parents who have cooperated with us over the unavoidable school closure to those pupils this week. The work has been completed in the KS1 classrooms and we now have fully functioning heaters and radiators in those classrooms. We have been requesting this work for a long time but unfortunately funding from the government only recently became available and the work needed to be carried out immediately. Of course, we tried our very best to try and get this work done in holiday time but this was not possible and we made the difficult decision to go ahead with the work.

I do hope you have all read my letter sent home yesterday (available on the website) and will support me in my comments and points raised. My dedication to St Chad’s is absolute and my decisions made with the best interests of our children in mind.

Keep safe.

Miss Clarke 

20th November 2020









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